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Bettaway Pallet Systems, Inc. (BPS) was designed as a more effective alternative to traditional pallet programs delivering innovation and introducing disruptive initiatives. We are an Industry leader & pioneer on White-Wood Pallet Supply & Retrieval programs leveraging our nationwide network of 475+ active pallet depots. In 2019, BPS established a strategic partnership with PECO Pallets to expand its offering to rental pallets.
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Our nationwide pallet management program offers clients a centralized, full suite of pallet services.

  • Access to One of the Nation’s Largest White-Wood Pallet Suppliers’ Network
  • Ability to Monitor and Direct the Supply and Retrieval of Pallets
  • Quality Pallets at Reduced Prices
  • Technology Platforms that Deliver Supply Chain Visibility & Optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TOC)


In 2020, BPS launched its Managed Services Platform which provides a complete and comprehensive pallet category management to corporations that need to optimize the use of different pallet platforms in their supply chains. This innovative and disruptive initiative allows corporations to consolidate their large number of pallet vendors under one platform and guarantees the appropriate pallet supply, in turn reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TOC). The services and benefits included are:

  • One Single Blended Price per Pallet Type
  • Pallet Vendor/Depot Network Management
  • Specification vs. Business Need Assessment & Rationalization
  • Value Engineering
  • Pallet Supply Chain Optimization
  • Quality Control Audit Program
  • White-Wood Pallet Specifications Library
  • Pallet Dashboard & Reporting

Our 35+ years of pallet experience

was instrumental in the development of our proprietary software which allows us to efficiently supply, retrieve and repair millions of pallets every year. We leverage this software to provide supply chain visibility across our network with pallet tracking. Customers and suppliers have access to an array of other technology platforms for ease of doing business.

  • Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards with KPI Metrics
  • Mobile App for Order Management, Order Tracking & Reporting
  • Interactive Web Portal


Centralized software analyzes pallet orders to find more effective supply options to meet customers’ needs.


End users directly contact Bettaway’s service center to coordinate pallet pick-up and transport.


Service centers sort and repair all pallets, which are then placed back into inventory.


Pallets are reissued from inventory for a fraction of the cost of new purchases, reducing waste and saving money.

Pallet Offerings

We have the capabilities and technology to help you define the type of pallet type that best suits your needs and optimize your unit-load design.

  • GMA Standard Design vs. Customized
  • Stringer vs Block
  • New, Recycled (GMA 48×40 – Grade A, Grade A1, Grade B, Combo, etc.) or Rental Pallet
  • Heat-Treated Pallets

Bettaway Pallet Systems’ cost effective solution utilizes recycled pallets which results in a lower cost per pallet and is better for the environment. When the pallets are at end of their useful life, BPS works with local pallet depots to recycle the pallets into mulch to reduce the overall environmental impact.

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Bettaway has one of the largest national pallet depot networks throughout the US and Eastern Canada. Our recapture and reuse system can help clients save up to 35% over traditional purchase and discard methods.





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